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Working With Source Servers

Source Servers have been in the IT Industry since 2012 and our technicians and sales team have worked with the Tier 1 Vendors for over 10 years. We will configure and advise on specs and prices in a hands on manner because we are not simply selling you a box, we are selling a solution. Whether it’s a single server or 100 servers, our credibility rests on the advice we give and the breadth of happy customers we service is testament to this.

The BEST Prices On Servers, Storage & Networking

Dedicated to providing a great service and competitive pricing on tier 1 branded hardware. Our primary focus is on servers, storage, and networking from industry leaders like HP, DELL, Lenovo and Fujitsu Siemens. Alongside this we also specialise in the full range of IT hardware and software for all your project based and day to day purchasing.

User Focused Solutions For Your Business

Software, Licencing and Support Services

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Our Team are absolutely passionate about every one of the products and solutions we sell, so you can rest assured that when you buy from us you will get exactly the right solutions at exactly the right price.