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We encourage all our customers to use the power of social media to review us, and also to get an understanding of how we are performing. We understand that this puts us at the mercy of our customers, and encourages us to always monitor our customer satisfaction levels, pricing and customer support. To continue to grow in 2013 and reach a broader customer base we are currently encouraging our customers to use popular review sites to review us and then let us know where we are being reviewed so that we can create a list on this page for all our customers.

One popular site that is currently being used by our customers is Review Centre, so we suggest that prospective customers can use this to get an idea about us. We do not endorse any specific review site, and would not authorise anything that undermines the unbiased nature of these third party review sites.

Review Centre – Source Servers reviews


We truly believe that smaller companies have an enormous advantage when working with customers of all sizes, because they can afford to dedicate far more time to the important customer service tasks which are so often over looked by the larger companies. In this respect we want to give back to other smaller companies so we encourage our staff to participate in specific UK based business forums, one of which is, http://www.ukbusinessforums.co.uk

We dedicate time to answer general IT and hosting questions which seem to affect so many other companies like us. We are fortunate to have an internal team with a diverse set of skills that we can allocate to helping our customers but also other business owners out there who are finding it difficult to do business in today’s challenging business environment. 


Other methods of connecting with us for special offers and also just to ask questions and engage are the following, 

Facebook       https://www.facebook.com/SourceServers

Twitter             https://twitter.com/SourceServers


We strive to support all our customers when it comes to HP products and we will always get involved to help with in-warranty support issues.

In a situation where a customer has a product issue, we suggest that you first make note of the product part number, and product serial number. Once you have these in front of you, look at this HP support page,


Use this support page to determine the correct phone number. If you have any issues logging warranty calls with HP, please contact us with as much information as possible and we will do whatever we can to help. We are always happy to help our customers and potential customers with any issues they are having, we believe this is the difference between good companies and great companies and we want to be listed in the latter.


We believe that any company that retains technically trained staff should encourage them to give back to the market in some way. We actively encourage our team to advice and provide reviews on products in the market. See the Epinion’s website for one of our regular reviewers.