How to contact us


Here at Source Servers, we understand how business needs change from hour to hour, and how easily a normal day can become severely disrupted if a crucial piece of infrastructure hardware fails. For this reason we have an allocated team in place to manage all of our customers around the clock. We aim to be available to our customers whenever they need us, morning noon or night, weekends or bank holidays. Getting in touch could not be easier via any of the following options:

Live Chat         9am-10pm   24/7 Response within 2 Hours

Email                24/7  Response within 3 Hours

Telephone      10am-4pm   Monday - Friday


Why work with us

Whether you are looking for advice on a new server, network switch, or storage device, we have the right technical staff to help you.

We have a growing team of specialists that deal with all aspects of server technology and are able to quote for a variety of requirements. 


Methods of payment

To maintain security we prefer to accept payments via PayPal. This allows potential customers to pay using their PayPal account if they have one, or any of the major debit or credit cards which are accepted via the PayPal secure gateway.