Our Sales Process


Come to us and see how we can help to make your life easier. Our sales process is very simple and geared for maximum customer satisfaction and delivery speed.


Stage 1 – We understand your application or service demands via a detailed telephone conversation, or by meeting with you in person.



Stage 2 – We create a hardware specification which is correct for your needs. In many circumstances we will also create a cheaper specification and a more high spec specification so that you can decide which is best for your budget. At this stage we will discuss redundancy of power, hard disks and memory to ensure that you have all your current and future needs covered.


Stage 3 – If you decide to purchase from us, we confirm the chosen spec with you again and make sure that nothing has been overlooked at this design stage.

Stage 4 – Once we have received your purchase order we will then have all the relevant hardware shipped to us on a 24 hour delivery into our tech warehouse. Within these 24 hours we will build and configure the servers and storage devices for you. Once built and configured to your specification we prepare the hardware for shipment to you. We only use reputable insured couriers to deliver the hardware because we take great pride in managing your order and want our couriers to do the same when delivering.

Stage 5 – 48-72 hours after your order placement the completed order is delivered to you anywhere in the United Kingdom. The only exceptions to this are the Channel Islands where it can take up to an additional 48 hours. We can ship anywhere in the world, and this is done on a bespoke basis for many of our customers.


Stage 6 – Once you have confirmed delivery, we make sure that we are available to help and provide advice on the setup off your new hardware if needed.



This simple sales process allows us to make sure that we always have happy customers.