Standard Delivery / e-Fulfilment Options

This covers all server parts, and server chassis in an un-configured state. Simply place an order with us before 4:30pm on any weekday, and we will ship out your goods for the following business day. All stock is kept in our secure warehouse, so unfortunately at this point we do not offer a pick up service from the warehouse or from our London offices. This is something that we plan to offer in the future.


Delivery Type Product      Cost of Delivery Ex Vat     
     Next Business Day (NBD) Delivery           Servers, Storage, Network Switches      £10
  Next Business Day Pre10:30am          Servers, Storage, Network Switches      £25
  Next Business Day Pre12          Servers, Storage, Network Switches      £20
  Same Business Day Delivery          Servers, Storage, Network Switches      £POA  
  42u Rack Delivery          Server Racks ( Special Delivery )      £90
  Configured Server Delivery        Servers, Storage    £20
Electronic Warranty / Support      Servers, Storage Network Switches      £10


Configured Server Delivery

This covers install of server parts into server chassis, and the hardware configuration of servers. We will "dead on arrival" test the server and prepare the hardware level RAID configuration for you before shipping so that you can simply insert your server CD and load your OS. An example of this is as follows:

Example Schedule

Day 1 – Customer places an online order before 4:30pm

Day 2 – We begin hardware configuration in our config centre, and we test and configure goods as specified by customer

Day 3 – Configured server arrives on customer site


OS Install Service

If required, we can install the Operating System of your choice onto the hardware before shipping. Simply provide us with the Operating System CD and license key in advance and we will pre-load the software for you before delivery. Please allow 1 additional day for this process.


Electronic Fulfilment of Warranty/Services Purchases

We charge a £10 delivery / e-Fulfilment charge on delivery of all electronic support purchases. This e-Fulfilment charge covers the cost of administration and electronic documentation.