Online Configurators


Buying servers storage and networking can be difficult, especially with so many server types and the thousands of options available for them. This is why our team will work closely with you to help determine the specification required for your server, whether it’s for budgeting purposes or an immediate requirement. However, we do understand that some of our customers will want to do the technical specification by themselves. For this reason we maintain a short list of configurators which are available on the net that we recommend for anyone that wants to create server or networking builds. We will continue to maintain this list and add to it.

We suggest that you use these configurators as a guide to creating correct technical specs, and once the configurator gives you a build of materials please send that to us for pricing as the configurators only use manufacturers RRP pricing.

For Server and storage builds use this configurator – HP Enterprise Configurator

For networking builds use this configurator (Note: Use Internet Explorer Browser)  – HP Networking Configurator

For HP UPS Power sizing use this configurator - HP Power Advisor

For APC version of the UPS Sizer check out - APC UPS Sizer Tool