Business Benefits


Whether you are a small office, a reseller or a large corporate company, there is a great reason to work with us.


For small offices/businesses ....

you can rely on our expertise in server technology to ensure that you choose the right products that are fit for purpose and designed to be future proof. We will work with you from the quotation stage onwards to ensure that you choose the right servers, and purchase at the best prices. We always work hard to ensure that your hardware and software is delivered on time and within budget.


For resellers .... 

we can be an extension of your internal team. We can help you to quote your customers in a variety of ways; this can be via email or conference call. We will also build, configure and deliver servers to you or your customer’s site, plain labelled so that you can maximise your profit and ensure that your engineers or customers are not spending hours building hardware.


For medium to large corporates ....

we can offer custom server builds, NAS and SAN solutions from a variety of vendors and technical expertise in a number of solution categories. When coupled with an aggressive pricing structure, we can always provide the highest level of service to our corporate customers.


Free Configuration Services

As a free Value Added Service we build and configure all servers with any purchased options. This can mean installation of hard drives, raid controllers and memory into one or multiple new servers. We will also configure the hardware level RAID settings for servers and Dead On Arrival check and test them to ensure that when they arrive with you they are ready to have an OS installed.


Customer Services

Contact us via Telephone, Web Chat, and Email

We currently deliver configured servers on a 3 day lead-time.

Day 1 – Customer places an order before 4:00pm

Day 2 – We receive server hardware into our warehouse configuration centre, and we test and configure goods as specified by the customer.

Day 3 – Configured server arrives on customer site