Source Servers, Virtualisation Special offer


Save 30% with this offer

Our special offer this month is based around the HP MSA P2000 G3 SAN solution. Our internal team has worked with our distribution partners to put together a fantastic offer which includes all the elements that are required to create a fully virtualised solution. This solution can serve as a first gentle step into the world of virtualisation or could be an addition to a customer’s existing virtualised solution. The fantastic pricing allows customers to achieve a very fast ROI, and this will help many customers to justify virtualisation to their finance departments. Talk to our experts to learn more.


HP hardware in this bundle offer

The solution comprises three key elements, servers, networking and shared SAN storage. We have chosen HP DL360 Gen8 servers to be the host servers in our solution. HP DL360 servers are compact 1U servers, resilient, robust and powerful enough to be the core host servers of a scalable virtualised environment. For the networking element of our solution we are going to use HP Procurve 2500 series switches. The last part of our solution will be the shared SAN storage, and for this part we will use the HP MSA P2000 series SAN range. Our solution will use the MSA P2000 G3 iSCSI version SAN, however we could very easily change that for the direct attach version or the fibre attached version. It should also be noted that HP make a 10Gb version of the SAN, which for some customers and for some solutions may well be appropriate.


Come and talk with our expert team

Working alongside our distribution partners has allowed us to put together this fantastic virtualisation bundle which saves the customer up to 30% compared to buying these products individually. So whether you are considering virtualisation right now and want to discuss a starting point or simply doing some research in preparation for a virtualisation in the future, come and talk to us today. Our team of experts is waiting for your call.



Network diagram of the virtualisation special offer


Source Servers Special Offer




Special Offer Pricing



Quantity Description Price Ex Vat Total Ex Vat
  Physical Virtualisation Hosts    
2 HP DL360p Gen8 High Performance Servers – 32Gb Ram with mirrored 146Gb HDD, 3 Yr Warranty, Fully Power Redundant £3,975.00 £7,950.00
  Network Switches    
2 HP 2530 – 24Port 10/100/1000 Switch £480.00 £960.00
  HP Shared Storage SAN    
1 HP Storage P2000 iSCSI SAN LFF with 3.6Tb 15,000 RPM  Raw Storage  £5,800.00 £5,800.00
1 Free Cat5 Network Cables    
1 Test, Build Hardware & Delivery £20.00 £20.00
    Grand Total Ex Vat £14,730.00
    Grand Total Inc Vat £17,676.00


This special offer gives you all the elements required to set up a new virtualised environment or add to an existing one. In the bundle there are two high-performance physical host servers which are fully redundant, a dual controller shared storage SAN which offers you 3.6 TB of storage space and the networking switches which are required to allow a dual path redundancy so that your data is always available. The solution is a simple TCP/IP-based iSCSI solution and therefore utilises your existing ethernet network. There is no need for expensive HBA cards or understanding specific protocols, the entire solution runs on standard ethernet.


Please contact us to discuss this special offer further, or to discuss how we can tailor fit a special offer to your needs.