It seems that Fujitsu’s change of heart towards the channel community is bearing fruit. Fujitsu insiders stated that 12,000 partners from around the globe flew to Munich for the annual Fujitsu Forum event in November. One of the most exciting statistics for Fujitsu which validated the success of strategic changes was that 800 partners from the emerging economies attended including Russia, India and Brazil. Fujitsu consider these new economies potentially explosive growth markets which are yet to be fully penetrated by the Fujitsu marketing machine. Only time will tell whether this change of strategy for Fujitsu will lead to actual organic growth or just fade into the mists of time as another clever marketing strategy that attracted attention but not customer spend.


We at Source Servers think that the Fujitsu marketing team will have a challenge to convince server purchasers to shift allegiances from the market leaders, but if they can market the brand awareness in the right way, they will catch the attention of people that eventually realise that Fujitsu is a super strong brand with an impeccable portfolio of enterprise hardware suited to everyone from smb’s to enterprise companies.