About Source Servers


What we do


We are a London based company dedicated to providing servers, storage and networking at fantastic prices. We focus on these product groups from tier 1 vendors such as HP and CISCO, and we support our customers by having a small knowledgeable technical team, qualified and trained in those technology areas.

We provide a rapid response service to all our customers whether they are small office, large corporate or charity organisations. To ensure availability to our customers when they need us, we offer a 24/7 Live Chat service, monitored email service and telephone service. Whilst maintaining a growing online store we have access to 4 million products in the IT channel which are all available for following day delivery.

At this point in time we are only focused on working with business customers, and our product portfolio reflects this. As a result of this focus, all customers that place orders with us will be deemed to be business customers. In the future we may look to open our service to home users / consumers.


What we sell


Our main product stock portfolio consists of HP Proliant Servers, HP Storageworks Storage, HP Procurve Networking, Cisco Networking and HP Foundation Care Services. We have an internal team that handles all HP Support / HP Care Pack Services requests so that we can provide immediate quotes for pre and post warranty support on all HP hardware.

Why would you use us and not one of the other reputable online companies ?


Our technicians and sales team have worked with HP, Fujitsu Siemans and Cisco technology for over 10 years.

We will configure and advise on specs and prices in a hands on manner because we are not simply selling you a box, we are selling a solution, whether it’s a single server or 100 servers, and our credibility rests on the advice we give, and the breadth of happy customers we service is testament to this.

We sell servers and networking because they are reliable and robust, not because we are incentivised through manufacturer partnerships to sell them.

We only sell UK sourced hardware, from the main distributors, and will not under any circumstances quote on Non-UK stock.

At this point in time we choose not to join manufacturer partner schemes of any kind.